Vapes & E-Cigs

Welcome to the RPE catalogue Vapes and Electronic Cigarettes. Here at RPE we don't just specialize in selling every single rolling paper on planet earth, we also have every Electronic Cigarette or e-cig you could imagine. If you are looking for the ideal Electronic Cigarette and how each E-Cig differs from one another our product text guides will help you learn the difference between the various brands on the market.

The E-Cig gives you the feel of a real cigarette but comes in various designs and smoking flavours. If you are looking for a good vape experience and want the best retail prices on the internet look no further. Gone are the days when you had to find somewhere to light up, now you can just pull out your favourite E-Cig and light up. No more stale smoke smells in your house, car or place of work, not forgetting the smell on your clothes. We carry a wide variety of Electronic Cigarettes to suit all price groups, plus loads of variations of e-liquid flavours and strengths. If you are looking for Clearomizers we have a large range available.

New to Vaping. What is PG and VG?