Rolling Papers Express is home to the largest and most varied selection of Cigarette Rolling Papers and Filter Tips on the internet today. Our mobile friendly website lets you browse our huge selection of hemp rolling papers, flax rolling papers, organic papers, rice, flavoured and Branded rolling papers, wherever you are. Select from our popular King Size, King Size Slims or 1 1/4 rolling papers, as well as our more regular sized cigarette papers and rolls. Flavoured papers, transparent cellulose papers, even pre-rolled cones – we have something for the most discerning of roll-up smoker.

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Choose from either the categories below or from the main menu to find your ideal Smoking Cigarette Papers. You'll find the ever popular Rizla, OCB and RAW products as well as other leading rolling paper brands.

If you’re a regular roll-up smoker you can now take advantage of our exclusive subscription service to ensure you never run out of your favourite smoking papers and save money at the same time - what's not to love!. You'll receive your regular delivery of your usual items without any hassle or fuss. If you want to change any part of your regular order, you can do so at any time.

We sell only the very best quality rolling paper products as we are committed to provide our customers with the very best smoking experience. You will never run out or pay more than you need to for smoking papers ever again.

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Introducing the Space Case

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High Quality E-cig Juice

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