Liberty Flights Electronic Cigarettes

Liberty Flights have been specializing in Electronic Cigarettes and Flavoured E-Liquids since 2009 and have become one of the leading brands within the E-Cig and E-Liquid market. With a worldwide audience this UK Brand have been researching the best solutions to present the highest quality products to their consumers. The Liberty Flights team have numerous Electronic Cigarettes and accessories for all types of smokers, whether you are thinking of cutting down or giving up, or you are just looking for a more cost effective way of smoking nicotine: plus with the extensive range of E-Liquid flavours stocked by RPE you can retain the authentic nicotine tastes with various twists to your gourmet flavours. With a range of e-liquids, hardware, devices and all the spares to keep your devices working the same as day you bought them.

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Liberty Flights is the brand to deliver all and for good value too. Using an electronic cigarette is a cleaner and safer way of smoking compared to conventional cigarettes. For one there is no harmful toxins present or those nasty chemicals, providing a cleaner and smoother smoke.


New to Vaping. What is PG and VG?



A major problem with cheap Electronic Cigarettes is the batteries running out too quickly and not having a long life. Liberty Flights use Lithium batteries, which are charged up via a socket point. The heating element that is attached to the battery is a cartomiser or atomiser, this in turn heats up which then evaporates the flavoured e-liquid into big vapour clouds. Pharmaceutical ingredients which are Propylene Glycol/PG or Vegetable Glycerine/VG and nicotine are the core ingredients to how the e-liquid is created. This is then added to the formulas of various flavourings and variable levels of nicotine to create the great tastes. All of our e liquids are GC-MS tested and approved. Gas chromatography–mass spectrometry (GC-MS) is an mathematical calculation to identify different substances within a test sample.


Our Liberty Flights E-Juice range is vast with various strengths and flavours to suit all tastes, we have the traditional tobacco flavours mixed with mint and menthol, loads of sweet flavours for all you sweet tooth's out there. Aperitifs flavours for after dinner, fruity flavours for your 5 a day, the range is endless and ready for you to explore. With no nasty odours and tar, you can enjoy your night out as well as other non smokers.


Liberty Flights e-liquid is known as XO E-liquid, which is created by using the correct mixes of propylene glycol, glycerine, flavourings, water and nicotine. When used in your tank, e-cig or any other vaping device the vapour created is inhaled, similar to a cigarette. The major difference between XO e-liquid and traditional cigarettes is when you inhale the vapour it does not contain any tar or chemicals. Another interesting point is, your friends or the general members of the public have no passive impact to them while you are vaping, unlike cigarettes. The Liberty Flights XO E-liquid is all manufactured in the UK, not China, and operates under strict guidelines from the local authorities. All external suppliers must also be fully certified.


The XO ranges are available in various nicotine strengths, starting from zero, 0.6%, 1.2%, 1.8%, 2.4% and 3.6% so you can control the amount of nicotine you take in, plus the added advantage if you need to or want to cut down your nicotine intake you can do so by using various percentage strengths. Liberty Flights are constantly bringing out new and exciting flavours for all you vapers out there, and with their in-house flavour development team they keep bringing out some amazing mixes, tastes and huge flavours for you to enjoy. Liberty Flights brand is built on quality ingredients, big flavours and to give you unforgettable vaping experiences on a daily basis.


While the e-liquid market in Europe, USA, Canada and all over the world increases monthly, investing into the correct machinery and working with certified suppliers is at the forefront of the Liberty Flights business model. The safety of their ever growing consumer base is at all times their main priority and with over 2000 bottles of various XO e-liquids being produced on an hourly basis our customers loyalty shows us they have a product which is in our opinion the best on the market.

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Remember to keep your e-liquids and devices away from your pets and children, make sure your e-liquid bottles are closed correctly and everything stored away in a safe place.


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