Kangertech Electronic Cigarettes

Kangertech specialize in Electronic Cigarettes, Tanks, Batteries, Atomizers and Vaporizers and have been established since 2007. Kangertech has fought hard to retain its reputation as the leading high-tech manufacture of high-end personal vaping equipment. “Our main focus since our conception is not on imitation, but on invention and high quality products adhering to the highest leading manufacturing standards, we have vigorous inspection teams at each stage of the production.

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This not only ensures when you order from us every product has been tested correctly and passed, but also there are numerous certifications that we adhere to, such as the CE Mark, RoHS and SGS and meet the international environmental management system's rigorous ISO 14000 standards.


“When we are creating our vaporizers our main thought is too make sure that we provide safe and healthy vaporizers with high end quality batteries to ensure you have the most pleasurable and rewarding vaping experience every time.” At RPE we carry all the Kangertech replacements, the wicks are made from Japanese organic cotton which are more ecologically friendly as well being a lot more healthier for you than ceramic fiber wicks.


KangerTech products give you many advantages over traditional cigarettes; they contain no toxic substances, are greener for the planet with no cigarette butts to dispose of and your teeth will not be stained. With a considerable cost in saving compare to smoking cigarettes and more acceptable to use in public, no more smelly hair and clothes and easy to carry around in a bag or on your person with highly competitive prices why not make the switch today to KangerTech.