Produced in India the old fashioned way, the pulp and natural cotton used to make the rolling papers and filter tips are manufactured using no chemicals or binding agents. There is no bleaching used at all in the production of the papers or tips, pure unaltered smoking. If you are looking for a truly eco-friendly rolling paper and filter tips this is it, 100% free of any chemicals and 100% suitable for vegans. The added advantage is you can create some green grass where ever you go!

Roaring 20's Kingsize Slim Rolling Paper

Product Code: K2


Customer Reviews

  • By Leo from Brasil
    02 August 2016
  • Ótima / Great
    Experimentei ontem e adorei. Vou virar freguês dessa aí! I tasted yesterday and loved. I'll become a regular user of this one! Thanx for the freebie.
  • By Holy from Wale
    17 June 2016
  • Ace!!!
    Ordered my normal rizla papers, I was a free pack of roaring20s and I love them, best papers i have ever used.
  • By Richie from Dublin
    25 April 2016
  • Excellent
    Raw smoker at heart, tried these and very very impressed, nice packaging as well.
  • By Tracey from Wales
    18 April 2016
    Best ever papers me and my boyfriend have ever used, trust me, we have tried many!