OCB Unbleached Biodegradable Slim Filters Tips

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Customer Reviews

  • By PsiloTate from Todmorden
    15 August 2015
  • Wicked
    Awesome filters, i smoke additive free tobacco which can be quite harsh, these filters make it a smooth and satisfying smoke with the added bonus of being 100% biodegradable and super cheap! Excellent!
  • By SlyCrayon from Out There
    09 January 2015
  • Filters are great!
    Smoking is smoother with filters. These are biodegradable and do not affect the taste, except to filter out bitter tars.
  • By Bob Marley from porthcurno
    29 September 2014
  • these i like
    Really one of the best going in unbleached filters and cheap aswll.nice one RPE