Cigarette Rolling Machines

Cigarette Rolling Paper Machines have been designed to help smokers who find it hard to roll smoking papers by hand and also for the seasoned roller. Rolling machines have been around for many many years, wherever in the world you find yourself buying a packet of rolling papers you are almost guaranteed to see cigarette rolling machine sitting side by side the rolling papers. They are also known as “roll your own” or RYO which refers to the rolling tobacco and the rolling machine.

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There are several sizes of rolling machines in the UK and Europe, the smallest will start at 70mm going up to 110mm for kingsize slim smoking papers. You can buy a rolling machine for the size paper you use or there are much larger machines available at traditional head shops, from 6 inches right up to 36 inches. When using these huge paper machines you can either use extra large rolling papers or rolling paper rolls from Elements, Raw Authentic, Smoking Brand, OCB, Rips. The rolls of paper are available in various widths, and one roll of paper can be as much as 5 feet long. Simply tear the paper to the designed length and place in the rolling machine. The rolling machine itself is a simple device, it has two rollers which sit opposite each other, they covered in a loose vinyl mat Then you have the base itself, which can be made from metal, aluminum or hardened plastic. The Raw rolling machine use hemp plastic which has been manufactured in Germany. The rollers are attached to the base by rivets or pins, the rollers slide apart from each other, you place your smoking paper on the mat, fill with your desired smoking mix, close the rollers,and then roll  the rollers with you thumbs, open and lick the gum, close and roll. You can also add a filter or tip in the rolling process. Rolling paper machine boxes such as the Rizla automatic rolling machine are also available and very easy to use.

You can buy various brands of rolling machines from us, including Elements rolling machines, Rizla, rolling machines, Raw rolling machine, Futurola rolling machines and Smoking rolling machines as well as a range of smoking papers to fit all rolling paper machines. Most of the machines can neatly fit into a tobacco pouch or smokers box and in general they are very portable.

Rolling Machine Sizes:

Small rolling machines can use rolling papers up to 70mm in length.

Regular rolling machines use rolling papers up to 79mm in length.

Kingsize rolling machines take rolling papers up to 110mm in length, or you can buy the standard kingsize papers or kingsize slim rolling papers which will fit straight into the roller.

Happy rolling from the RPE Team.


Rolling machines in a lot more detail.....

We all have that one friend who really sucks at rolling a joint, even though he’ll constantly insist that he can roll a proper joint, it still just falls apart, if you’re that friend, then maybe it’s time to think about getting a Cigarette Rolling Paper Machine, they really are pretty nifty little things, and won’t make you look like such a weirdo when you’re trying to impress the girls with your rolling skills, but hey, tobacco rolling paper machine’s aren’t only for the unskilled roller. If you’re a seasoned roller and really can’t be bothered to roll your own blunts all day long, then a blunt rolling machine is your best friend!  

Cigarette rolling machines have been around for yonks’ now, and if you’re sitting wondering well “Where can I buy a Rolling paper machine” – well don’t look any further, because obviously you can buy them right here online at RPE, we have a massive variety of rolling machines to choose from. These neat little machines are also known as RYO’s, meaning Roll Your Own, which pretty much refers to, not only, the paper rolling machine, but also the papers and the tobacco, rolling your own is a completely different way of smoking, and creates more of an experience for a smoker than just whipping a ciggie out of a pack. 

The first thing you should be asking yourself is, where do you get started when you want to buy a paper rolling machine and what’s the best rolling paper machine to buy that will roll the perfect blunt!? Well, as with most things in life, choosing the right rolling paper machine is a choice you’re going to end up making based on what you personally prefer, but of course here at RPE we’d love to steer you, in what we think is the right direction, when it comes to choosing the right tobacco rolling paper machine, so we’re going to give you a bit of a rolling paper machine review, to make your choice a simpler and easier one. So let’s start with the basics and how the perfect blunt roller is constructed and put together. A smoking rolling machine is actually quite a simple device, which is usually devised of two rollers which sit opposite each other, these rollers are then covered in a loose vinyl mat, which nowadays are even being made out of hemp-based eco plastic, so if you’re a bit of an eco-freak, now you know that it’s possible to get an eco-friendly roller in a material that won’t kill the earth! The base part of the roller can be made from pretty much anything from hardened plastic, to metal to aluminium. The rollers which are normally attached to the base by pins or rivets, allows the rollers to slide apart from each other, you then put your rolling paper onto the mat and fill it up with whatever herb mixture you desire, close up the rollers sand roll them with your thumbs, then open it up to lick the gum, close and roll again. You also have the option to add in a filter or tip into this rolling process, which we highly recommend. Easy peasy, no mess, no fuss, and a perfectly rolled blunt in seconds. Oh and if you’re looking for something even easier, why not get yourself a Rolling paper machine box, like the Rizla Automatic Rolling Machine, these are super easy to use! 

Now that you know how to use a rolling machine, it’s time to choose the perfect machine for you! There is quite a huge variety of different sizes when it comes to Cigarette Rolling Paper Machines, with the smallest machine being the 70mm, working all the way up to a 110mm which are used to roll up King Sized Slim Smoking Papers. So, let’s cover all the sizes and the different brands that cover these sizes, as well as the kinds of smoking and rolling papers that you can use with certain machines.

The 70mm Cigarette Rolling Machine (Small Rolling Machines)
If you’re the kind of guy that really enjoys a tiny little joint, or if you’re not the kind of guy that shares his smokes and doesn’t need a massive blunt, then these 70mm blunt rolling machines are the best for option. We stock a massive range of different 70mm roller machines, you can choose from the Zig Zag Regular Rolling Machine, which has been made with a white branded vinyl apron that won’t stretch with time and is so smooth that it’s not going to rip your papers when you’re rolling. This is a great roller to get if you’re a first time roller, plus it fits perfectly into your pocket, so it’s not bulky to cart around. You could also choose the RAW Hemp Eco Plastic Roller, which unlike any other roller on the market, has been made from natural hemp fibres, which is also naturally resilient, giving you an extremely strong and sturdy eco plastic roller. We love the look of this blunt rolling machine as it has a very hippy and earthy feel and look to it, plus the apron sleeve has been branded with the RAW label and you get an extra one, this is one roller that will last you a life time.

The 79mm Cigarette Rolling Machine (Regular Rolling Machines)
These regular rolling machines use rolling papers up to 79mm in length and are perfect if you’re a regular smoker, who rolls up regular smokes! The 79mm size is ideal if you smoke on your own and sometimes have your mates over for a smoking session, as these machines will roll out the perfect blunt for two! If you’re looking for a flawless gift for an avid smoker, then you should check out our brand new DLX Deluxe 79mm Metal Rolling Machine, which has been constructed from a high quality and polished chrome metal that is fitted with a black rolling sleeve. This blunt rolling machine looks super sleek and rolls just as good as it looks, plus it comes delivered in its own wicked little box. You could also opt for the RAW Hemp Eco Plastic Roller 79mm which is made using pure hemp fibres, making it super eco-friendly and just slightly more hippie-fied that your average blunt roller, we love these RAW Hemp Eco Rollers because they really look awesome and earthy, plus they’ve been made from Hemp Eco Plastic, which makes them one of the most durable and best blunt rollers on the planet to own right now, oh and they’ve been made in Germany so its quality is of the highest standards, just like everything that gets made in that country!

The 100mm and 110mm Cigarette Rolling Machines
These rollers are much bigger and have been crafted specifically for larger sized papers, like King Sized Rolling papers and the King Sized Slim Smoking Papers, so if you’re into rolling up fatty’s and really love your big blunts then these are the best blunt rollers for you! With an awesome variety of brands to choose from you, you could go for a classic Zig Zag Kings Size Rolling Machine which will take papers up to 110mm, so you can really roll up a proper big joint. Zig Zag make sure that they use a good, high quality acrylic that doesn’t bend or break, plus their non-stretching, vinyl, branded apron will last for years!  Or you could opt for a RAW Hemp Adjustable Rolling Machine 110mm, which will accommodate your King Size Papers as well as Your King Size Slims, how wicked is that! The roller machine itself is actually made in Germany using a Hemp based eco plastic and has been fitted with a nifty little lever on each side of the roller, so that you can just flick it and swap sizes from king sized rolling papers to slim papers! The design and make of these rollers is superbly well thought out, and will literally keep you rolling for many happy years! Although, if you’re looking for something a little bit more posh, why not try out the Kingpin Blunt Rolling Machine – these babies have been made from a very dense and super high quality acrylic making them insanely durable and are a major hit with extreme rollers, who like to mix and match up their rolling days, as you can fit any type of blunt paper in these rollers, not just kingpins papers, from 4 ¾ inch papers to 120mm papers, this puppy will roll up a perfectly beautiful blunt every single time!

The Automatic Cigarette Rolling Machine
We LOVE these automatic cigarette rolling machines, no mess, no work, no fuss, and a perfectly rolled joint every single time, plus you get to store your herb mix, papers and filters in the box too, how convenient is that? So if you’re after something that’s an all in one, this is the way to go. We currently have all three sizes in the Zen range of Automatic Cigarette Rolling Machines, from the 70mm, to the 79mm and the 110m, so you have quite a great range to choose from. These auto rolling machines have been around for ages now and so easy to use!  Make sure that you pick the right size machine for the correct size paper that you use, the thickness isn’t really an issue, but the length is, so choose accordingly. The Zen Auto Roller Machine is made from a metal casing and then has a hardened, polished chrome coating on the top which will protect it from day to day hazards. These machines can give you years and years of happy rolling if looked after properly!